New opportunities

Amesbury, Wiltshire


Planning submitted for 21 houses being a blend of private and affordable dwellings located close to the centre of the town. Approximately 1 acre.

Ringwood, Hampshire

A draft allocation for an 85 acre strategic site which is identified in the emerging local plan for approximately 400 houses which will provide much needed affordable homes in a location where there is currently a 14 year waiting list.  Looking at allocation for Q1 2020. 

Amesbury, Wiltshire

Small scheme for 10 x dwellings being made of up semi detached houses located close to the town centre, school and local transport infrastructure.

Verwood, Dorset

2 acre site coming forwards for a blend of dwellings being a mix of semi detached and detached properties. 40% of the scheme will be set aside of affordable housing.

Amesbury, Wiltshire

With scope for a mix of detached and semi detached houses located close to the centre and providing low cost, affordable housing to the local market place.

Crown Road, Marnhull, Dorset

Planning application submitted for 72 houses and bungalows located within one of the largest villages in the South West. The scheme will deliver a blend of housing to meet local and district needs. It will also provide much needed affordable housing. It is also proposed that community buildings will be developed and passed across to the local Parish Council. Determination is expected in Q3 2021.

Totton, Hampshire

32 acres which form part of the draft allocation within the emerging new local plan for a minimum of 350 dwellings. The site will provide a housing mix for semi detached, terraced and detached housing with affordable, SANGS and public open space. Looking at allocation for Q1 2020.

Lymington, Hampshire

A draft allocation for a minimum of 115 houses located within this popular New Forest town which will provide a mix of detached and semi detached dwellings with much needed affordable housing, SANGS, onsite public open space, etc. Looking at allocation for Q1 2020.

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